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F5 Application-Focused Videos


Brief “how to” videos provide tips and techniques to optimise application deployments


We have added nine new videos to our web media collection that illustrate how F5 technologies help optimise specific applications and Microsoft server virtualisation solutions.



·         Video 1: Introducing F5 Application Ready Solutions 
·         Video 2: BIG-IP Web GUI Navigation 
·         Video 3: Exchange Application Template Part 1 
·         Video 4: Exchange Application Template Part 2 
·         Video 5: Exchange SNAT Consideration 
·         Video 6: SharePoint GUI Walkthrough 
·         Video 7: SharePoint SSL Offloading 
·         Video 8: SharePoint Load Balancing and Optimisations 
·         Video 9: Server Virtualisation with F5 and Microsoft



Delivering applications like Oracle, Microsoft, and SAP is where F5 delivers real value and enables businesses get the most out of their investment. The first video with Calvin Rowland is a perfect way to introduce your customers to F5 Application Ready Solutions.





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